What is the cost?

We are priced at 690k IDR per person. Pricing is an important issue for us, as we want the session to be as accessible for as many people as possible. We strive to keep the cost as low as possible whilst also using the best ingredients and paying our staff a living wage and ensuring our guests get to take home five full size natural skincare products. Even having done this we appreciate it is not in everyone’s budget.

Where are you based?

Our shared sessions are held at the lovely Jhonny Kibung Villas in Nusa Lembongan

For special occasions for a minimum of 6 people, availability dependent, we can bring the workshop to you. If you would like to hold a workshop at your villa you will need to have sufficient surface – be it tabletop or work surface. If you have enough room for 6 to dine comfortably with serving space close by, you will likely have enough room for us to set up. We also need access to a shelf in a fridge for the duration of the session. If you have a stove top we can use it, however we can bring stoves if required. Please contact us for pricing details

How many people are there in each session?

We limit groups to a maximum of 6 people

How long will we be with you?

You’ll be with us between 90 minutes and two and a half hours, depending on group size and how many questions are asked 🙂

What do we make?

You’ll make a gentle cleansing balm, moisturising body butter bar, facial beauty balm, hydrating lip balm and exfoliating Lembongan sea salt scrub

Do we get to take the products we make with us?

You sure do. On rare occasions not everything sets completely, if that happens we’ll drop your fully set products to you later the same day or early the following day

What is the difference between the plant based and beeswax formulations?

You make the same 5 products, 2 of which are plant based anyway, for the remaining 3 products we switch candelilla wax for the beeswax and adjust the formulations to ensure the same end product feel.  They are both lovely formulations and which you choose is entirely a matter of personal preference.

Can men join?

Totally, all of the products made are entirely unisex

Why is there an age limit?

As we use gas stoves and consequently hot oils, waxes and butters we have found limiting the sessions to 16 years and over provides the safest environment for all involved. If you have children between 12 and 16 years of age we are happy to speak with you as only a parent knows whether this is something suitable for their child or not

Is transport included?

We can arrange transport if you do not have your own however we are unable to include this in the price of the workshop.  Any transport cost is paid directly to the driver

We are aware that transport on the island is expensive compared to Bali and it can be better value if you ask at your accommodation if they have a staff member who can drop and collect you for a little cash

If you would like a quote for transport please let us know the name of your accommodation (starts around 150k return for most places on the island)

Anything else you think of that we have not covered please do ask