A B O U T - U S

We are a couple who had been struggling with reducing the amount of disposable plastic we bought and used for a number of years.  We found that one of the hardest places to make the change to a more eco-friendly, sustainable way of living was in the bathroom

Shampoo, shower gel, body and facial moisturisers, cleansers, toothpaste – practically everything we used in the bathroom came in plastic.  Plastic that although being sold as recyclable, we knew wasn’t being.  Conservative estimates are that only 9% of all plastic waste is actually being recycled, The rest? It ends up in landfill or in our oceans

We also wanted to know more about what was in the products we were using and began seeking out simpler, more natural, sustainably packaged, alternatives 

As the people behind Dapur Alami, we are doing our best to leave as little negative impact on this wonderful planet as we can. In stocking the business, we have used as many repurposed, recycled and second-hand items as possible. We made our first aprons from my grandma’s unused curtain fabric. Our hand towels were cut down from discarded ones. Our knives from a charity shop.

We are so very far from perfect, but if everyone tried to make more sustainable choices, the difference we could collectively make would be mind-blowing