About Us

We are a Canadian/British couple who had been struggling with reducing the amount of disposable plastic we bought and used for a number of years.  We found that one of the hardest places to make the change to a more eco-friendly, sustainable way of living was in the bathroom.  Shampoo, shower gel, body and facial moisturisers, cleansers, toothpaste – practically everything we used in the bathroom came in plastic.  Plastic that although being sold as recyclable, we knew wasn’t being.  Conservative estimates are that only 9% of all plastic waste is actually being recycled, The rest? It ends up in landfill or in our oceans.

We were also fed up with the amount of artificial chemicals and other mystery ingredients, with names we couldn’t pronounce, in the products we were using and so began seeking out simpler, more natural, sustainably packaged, alternatives. 

The products we discovered did as good a job, and in most cases a better one, than the ones we had been using. Sure, some took a while to get used to, toothpaste for one!  But to be plastic free?  Totally worth any adjustment and we both now prefer the more natural options we use. 

The only downside was that a lot of these new, more natural products came with a hefty price tag.  Which led us to the logical question, in our minds anyway, of ‘How easy would it be to make our own?’  In most cases, pretty easy as it turns out, mostly cheaper and a whole lot of fun too and we are now completely disposable plastic free in the bathroom, yay!

There are many easy and complicated recipes to be found, some with a handful and some with dozens of ingredients. Our goal is to whet your appetite. To teach you the basics. There really is no limit to the toiletries you can make at home. 

J has taken to making soap like a fish to water and will be sharing his experiences in the blog. Sadly we can’t make soap in the classes as it takes too long to set and cure to make it practical but maybe he’ll inspire you to try yourself. We are hopeful to be adding shampoo bar making to our classes though, unlike soap they can be unmolded after a few hours and cure within a few days.

We’re not pretending to be chemists, aromatherapists or beauticians, we’re just people who want to do better. Our experience comes from life.  J has over 10 years’ experience as a lab technician testing toiletries and skincare products, to ensure they met industry safety standards, and I have been running people’s lives and using essential oils and making and creating all manner of goodies for over 30 years. 

We’re not saying chemicals are bad. Chemicals aren’t bad, you’re made up of chemicals, so am I, and so is everything around us. Even artificial chemicals have a place, however there is power and simplicity in natural ingredients Xx